The Idea

I wanted a statement earring that wouldn't weigh me down and had the versatility to be worn just as easily at a dinner party as on a plane. So I started sketching out ideas and playing with various materials. I soon found that leather is both durable and lightweight--perfect for the earrings I wanted. These earrings won't feel heavy on your ears or get in the way. Wear them traveling! Wear them on a night out! Or even wear them to sleep! They'll stay beautiful and comfortable whatever your plans.

The Inspiration

There is a human rhythm to design that has resonated within cultures from the beginning of humanity. I grew up in the Western United States where I was inspired by the woven baskets and pottery of the Native Americans. More recently I've been inspired by my travels to the Middle East and South America, and now in my New York home. In all these places I've found so much that is unique as well as some surprising similariities. Each civilization has nurtured its own aesthetic but so often these diverse art forms mirror each other. My goal is to reflect some of those shapes and ideas in my earrings.

100% Handmade

Each piece is lovingly handmade by me in my midtown Manhattan apartment. If you are looking for a unique piece for a gift or special occasion, let's talk! We can make it happen!

Oh, the chimes are sounding
And they echo wildly off the canyon walls
Well, this is wild land humming
These are ancient songs that fill my body
— The Bowerbirds